Discover how Tapbuy has created the best checkout experience of the market.

Designed for all mobiles

Designed for mobile. All mobiles.

The Tapbuy checkout has been designed not only for mobile but for ALL mobiles. Whatever your device, its screen size, the version of the OS mobile that you are using, the version of your browser or your social or shopping app, you will experience the best checkout experience. Tapbuy handles more than 10,000 different mobile configurations. Tapbuy works both for your native applications or for the mobile version of your e-commerce website.

Apps, Bots, Web

Apps, Bots, Web

The way people are shopping has changed, especially millennials. Good news, Tapbuy is optimized and works from any application: bots, emails, native apps etc. The best experience is delivered in all context.

Driven by data

Driven by data

Our team of data scientists has analyzed more than 35,000+ mobile purchases to identify 150+ major frictions during the mobile checkout. Deep desktop researches, focus groups and hundreds of thousands of A/B tests led to our high performance checkout. Our team of experts is leveraging all the new datasets to continuously improve it every day.

Dynamic auhtentication methods

Dynamic Authentication methods

The way people wants to sign in or register highly depend on their habits and where they have started their shopping journey. Tapbuy technology seamlessly adapt the social login option offered within the check: Facebook Connect, Google Connect or Instagram Connect is pushed only when needed. Our focus is one and only one: make the mobile shopping experience as great and as simple as possible.

Plug & play integration

Plug & Play integration

We have worked hard to make Tapbuy extremely easy to plug into your systems. Here are some of the elements of our plug & play platform:

- Product feed optimization for a greater mobile experience
- Full compatibility with your CRM
- Real-time integration with your loyalty program
- Live sync with all your existing deals (sales, coupons, private sales…)
- All your delivery methods seamlessly integrated in real-time
- Native and secure mobile payment with your PSP
- Real-time synchronization of all orders, analytics and conversion attribution

Minimize checkout abandonment rate

Minimize the checkout abandonment rate

The average checkout abandonment rate is often 90% or higher on mobile. Tapbuy high-performance checkout gets more customers over the finish line. By redesigning every single step, Tapbuy lowers the checkout abandonment rate. Tapbuy effect on your mobile turnover will please your CEO: on average, we increase the mobile turnover by 74%. The ROI of your ad campaigns will obviously see the same increase.

More repeat purchases

More repeat purchases

Having customers is good. Having loyal customers is great. Tapbuy will boost your mobile shopping experience and increase the number of repeat purchases. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) of our clients sees an increase of 44% on average.

Seamless live updates

Seamless live updates

Improvements are pushed automatically and seamlessly with no additional effort on your end. All versions of browsers, operating systems or mobile phones are taken into account immediately. Stop missing sales with a not “state-of-the-art” mobile checkout. Thanks to the Tapbuy CMS, you will be able to update and customize your tunnel without asking your IT team. You will l-o-v-e it.

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The Tapbuy Team



The Tapbuy Team