Tapbuy rocks at Ecommerce 1to1 Monaco!

15 days ago, we were at the 2016 edition of the biggest French Ecommerce event, Ecommerce EC1to1 in Monaco. Tapbuy was one of the 8 startups selected in the Digital Corner. This trip on the Rock of Monaco kept all its promises!


“Mobile ate the world” (Benedicte Evans)

Good news for us : mobile was the center of discussions during these 3 days. 96% of retailers who were in Monaco have declared that mobile checkout experience was a priority investment for them.

Nothing surprising. As Julie Krueger, Head of Google Retail US, explained on stage, we use our mobile more than 150 times a day and we spend more time on that device than on any other.

And yet, we’re only talking about a minority of the world population. As Benedicte Evans recalls in his last presentation, there are now 2.5 billion people on Earth who own a smartphone. There will be 5 billion in 2020!

Then, the main question in Monaco was : how to better address consumers who are increasingly mobile?

“My mobile traffic increases much faster than my sales” (a retailer who preferred to stay anonymous…)

We met nearly 40 retailers on our beautiful stand (check this out!).


They say the same thing: mobile trafic keeps rising and represents between 40 and 60% of their respective online traffic.

However, they see mobile conversion rates 3 to 4 times lower than on desktop (figures to be considered only for retailers who already have a mobile responsive website). And this despite their recent investments to enhance mobile experience.

Retailers realize that it’s difficult to invest sufficient ressources and time to create and maintain a mobile checkout that offers a great user experience on all types of mobiles, OS, screen sizes, ad formats…

“Clap my hand!”

This is how Tapbuy came on stage. Indeed, our “mobile direct checkout” solution gained great interest.

Tapbuy allows retailers to offer a purchase funnel that is fast and optimized for mobile. Retailers can use Tapbuy on their different marketing channels (affiliation on blogs,retargeting ads or social ads, emailing, mobile applications).


One of the great advantage of Tapbuy is that the implementation of an efficient mobile checkout process is immediate (no need to spend months on managing an IT project). Also the optimisation of the purchasing funnel is guaranteed in time by our teams.

The “direct checkout” experience that allows the consumer to purchase directly in the discovery moment got a lot of attention too.

“No worry man!”

Of course, some doubts were sometimes expressed about our good intentions… “Hey, are you trying to replace my website?!”. No, we’re not. What we like is mobile checkout on product ads and nothing else :) 

Today, 60 to 70% of visitors of an e-commerce website are acquired through direct or organic search channels. Tapbuy doesn’t address that traffic.

Tapbuy is relevant for all other acquisition channels as long as there is a product to click on:

  • A product in a blog
  • A product in a social ad (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…) or in a retargeting ad on a media website
  • A promotional email
  • Third-party mobile application mobile

Tapbuy is a complementary solution to the retailer’s website that will allow him to better convert the traffic that comes from product ads or products placed into the web content (blogs) or within emails.

“See you in Paris, Bro’?”

These 3 days spent in Monaco were great. We are pleased to see (again) that Tapbuy speaks to the market. Now that we’re back in Paris, we know that we are only at the beginning of the race but we definitely believe in our good star!