Let’s go to E-commerce One-to-One Monaco!

Last February, we heard some very good news at Tapbuy: we were officially selected for the biggest French e-commerce event, E-commerce One-to-One. It will be held in Monaco from March 23 to March 25 and we’ll be among the 8 innovative startups of the « Digital Corner ».

We can’t wait to be there! These past few weeks, we have thought a lot about our future booth. And when you have absolutely no experience in booth design, it’s not that simple!

You said « Kakewhat »?

“Kakemono”, “Pop Up booth”…we had never heard of these words before. We actually learnt them pretty fast and we even started saying crazy sentences like: «We’re gonna go with the Formulate booth, I’m more confident with the tubular structure ». Really?!

Actually, the real question was « What look & feel do we want for our booth? ». Of course, as a startup, the design agency option was excluded.

What we wanted to avoid

If you don’t know what you want, usually you should start with what you don’t want. That’s what we did.

For example, we wanted to avoid the old-booth-from-the-90’s style.


We didn’t vote either for the light-me-up booth.

tapbuy-ecommerce1to1 (2)

However, we wanted a super interactive booth, where it would be possible to test everything, absolutely everything…

tapbuy-ecommerce1to1 (3)

We were even ready to give a lot of ourselves for the occasion.

tapbuy-ecommerce1to1 (3)

Well, maybe not after all…

What we finally chose

We finally found our concept, something that looks like us. It will be a feel good booth where you’ll be happy to come relax in good company (us !).


You will recharge your batteries in the Tapbuy Boost Lounge with open cold pressed juices Juicerie and healthy snacks Les Fruits Détendus.


Most important thing, you will be able to live test our « direct checkout » solution (learn more here) to help you make your products shoppable from any digital source (blogs, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, emails, display, retargeting…).

See you in Monaco!

These past 10 days have been crazy but finally, yesterday, we closed the doors of the well-filled truck bound for Monaco. We made ​​it!  

Now, all we have to do is to choose our gala outfit and the sunglasses that we want to put in our suitcase. But that shouldn’t be a problem!

tapbuy - ecommerce-one-to-one

Is it?

See you next week!