Tapbuy goes to Las Vegas!

Working for the success of your startup can be sometimes difficult even exhausting BUT…sometimes it can be very rewarding…

That’s exactly our feeling today, two days before we take the plane to attend Money 2020, the biggest international event for payment and commerce innovation. Just like for CES, Money 2020 takes place in Las Vegas which also explains why we are so excited to go!

How about US retailers finally converting on mobile?

Going to the US is often considered the Mecca for European startups. Even more the case for Tapbuy, when we see how mobile and especially smartphones are totally reshaping the face of e-commerce in the US. Mobile represents almost 60% of US e-commerce traffic but only 20% of e-commerce sales. If you only consider smartphones, it’s only 10% of sales!

Why? A generally poor mobile checkout experience is the reason that mobile conversion rates remain 2–4x lower than desktop.

Tapbuy is one of the first tech companies worldwide to address this key painpoint by offering retailers an optimized mobile checkout experience.

Tapbuy is not only good news for retailers, Tapbuy is also good news for the entire retail ecosystem, from retailers to payment solution providers: if retailers improve mobile conversion, it results in higher mobile sales hence higher payment commissions!

Let’s meet at Money 2020!

We will represent the French Tech scene at Money 2020 and will have a booth with other French startups. You can meet us at booth 825 next Monday afternoon (November 24th). Otherwise, just say “Hey!” whenever you hear a lovely French accent… We’ll be more than happy to tell you everything about Tapbuy, the best solution to drive mobile sales and mobile payments.

You can also meet us late at night at the Black Jack table of the Venetian but be cautious. We might not be as cordial as during the day…

Hope to see you soon in Vegas !