Tapbuy goes to Las Vegas!

Working for the success of your startup can be sometimes difficult even exhausting BUT…sometimes it can be very rewarding…


How to create a killer promotional video for your startup?

Video is often a must have for a startup as it’s a great visual and interactive way to convey your message. The idea of making our own startup video came up after we were selected for the startup village of Ecommerce One To One, the biggest annual event of the French e-commerce scene. We wanted […]

Millennials vs Generation X

Millennials vs Gen X : How can you adapt to their shopping habits?

You just have to do a search on Google Trends to understand the fascination of marketers for the Millennial generation. They are between 18 and 34 y.o. and you probably want to target them by all means. In the US, they are 80 million people (more than baby boomers and generation X, the 35-50 y.o.). […]


Tapbuy rocks at Ecommerce 1to1 Monaco!

15 days ago, we were at the 2016 edition of the biggest French Ecommerce event, Ecommerce EC1to1 in Monaco. Tapbuy was one of the 8 startups selected in the Digital Corner. This trip on the Rock of Monaco kept all its promises!


Let’s go to E-commerce One-to-One Monaco!

Last February, we heard some very good news at Tapbuy: we were officially selected for the biggest French e-commerce event, E-commerce One-to-One. It will be held in Monaco from March 23 to March 25 and we’ll be among the 8 innovative startups of the « Digital Corner ». We can’t wait to be there! These […]


Why do your mobile conversion rates still suck?

Looking at your mobile conversion rates on Monday morning makes you want to go straight back to bed? Well, you’re not alone. During last US holiday shopping season, while mobile accounted for around 60% of retail traffic, it only accounted for 18% of digital sales according to Comscore. If you have your own retail app, […]