How does Tapbuy work?

Tapbuy connects to the e-commerce platform via a connector and your API, and works as follows:


When a customer adds products to their shopping cart, Tapbuy synchronizes information about the products and the user in real-time via your API. 

These data (photos, product name, price, description, attributes, etc.) are then reformatted within the Tapbuy shopping funnel. Customers can then buy through a simple, smooth and 100% mobile-optimized checkout.

Order and customer information are directly returned into the merchant’s e-commerce system.

The merchant maintains the customer relationship and processes the order as usual.

The retailer activates Tapbuy via Tapbuy URL links, generated from existing product URL’s. When a user clicks on a Tapbuy link, the Tapbuy purchase funnel is triggered from the discovery platform. The retailer can also decide to use the Tapbuy shopping funnel directly on his retail site. Tapbuy is then generally triggered at the ‘add-to-cart’ stage. The user is transparently redirected to the Tapbuy purchase funnel

On the publisher side, Tapbuy allows bloggers and all content sites to trigger an optimized shopping experience directly from publisher platforms.